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Trail Step Elite IIs (Small)

C$2 599.00
New Small Frame Design for Riders 5'0 - 5'8 True Torque Pedal Assist
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Brand: Furious

TRAIL STEP ELITE IIs 26" (Small Frame)

Introducing for 2024 our new line of FURIOUS EBIKES, completely redesigned, modified in every aspect and every single bike now comes with the best Torque Pedal Assist System ever developed and even better than any mid motors. Sensitive to the touch, completely configurable to your riding style and a feeling like no other.

Innovative new one of a kind design with a true 48v 750watt Motor that can be configured for 500watts street legal or true 750watt motor that can peak at over 1000watts to battle the steepest of hills. Upgraded batteries to 20Ah to give more range and power powered all by Samsung. Incredible new RST OMEGA front suspension for the best comfort teamed up with our new 2.10" tires that can handle any terrain. Place on our new mag wheel design just makes this one of the most beautiful bikes in any class.

The new medium frame and wheel design 26" x 2.10" is perfect for riders from 5'4 - 6'0 inches.

Furious Trail Step Elite II Trail Step ELITE
48v 750watt / 80 * 48v 750watt Adrenalized Motor
48v 20Ah Samsung Battery (960Wh's) 48v 20Ah Samsung Battery (960Wh's)

26" x 2.10" Tires
Puncture Resistant
Reflective Strip
New Mag Wheels
26" x 2" Tires KS
Puncture Resistant
Reflective Strip

Prowheel 52T, 11-32T Prowheel 52T, 11-32T

* New Color LCD with USB Port * New Color LCD with USB Port

* ZOOM Hydraulic Brakes
Red handles & Rotors on Crimson bikes
180mm Pro Rotors (high Quality)
* ZOOM Hydraulic Brakes

Shimano ACERA Derailleur
Shimano 8-Speed Trigger Shifters
Shimano ACERA Derailleur
Shimano Trigger Shifters

Turn Signals
Front Light (On/Off)
Rear Brake Light
Active Turn Signals
Electric Horn
Turn Signals
Front Light (On/Off)
Rear Brake Light
Active Turn Signals
Electric Horn

RST OMEGA Hydraulic Suspension
MOZO Adjustable Suspension
Hydraulic Dampening with
Lock-Out feature

Level 2 Torque Pedal Assist System
Reacts to the pressure you put on the
pedals to increase speed.
(Best in the business)
Torque Sensor Pedals
Bigger front light

* ProMax Adjustable Screwless Neck * ProMax Adjustable Screwless Neck

See Why Our Trail Step ELITE is the Best in its Class!

  • First ever Ebike with a true 750watt motor
  • First ever 48v 20Ah Samsung Battery fit directly into frame
  • True level 2 Torque Pedal Assist System
  • Redesigned 2.10" Tires on new beautiful Mag Wheels
We build bikes to be ridden for comfort, style and reliability, every detail counts or it just wouldn't be Fabulous.

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